Huntington Grills

Everyone dreads those several daunting trips to the store trying to get grills that will not disappoint them like before. This may seem to take hours and hours of trying to sample the pros, cons and features of each. However, this search can be made less tedious. With Huntington grills, your ultimate solution for basically everything that you may be looking for in a given grill, are found right here. Huntington grills are arguably some of the most durable and long lasting grills that are available in the market. Made from high quality standards, you can be sure to have them stand out in the widest array of the grills, that you can imagine or even think of.

Huntington grills are a brand of the popular Canadian based company that is known as the Onward Manufacturing Company. However they are manufactured America(USA) Although these American made grills can be a bit expensive, you can be rest assured that, unlike the other grills availed to you in the markets, they will surely stand the test of time. Some of the most classic and outstanding features of the grills are the stainless steel tube burners that have some of the best heating capacities. A lifetime warranty for these grills is what makes them worth every penny that you spend on them. Their quality cooking chamber construction is one that will leave you perplexed in amazement, time and again.

Huntington Grills

The high performance not to mention the lasting dependability is simply more than the buyers could be looking for. The unique features are based on the simple reason that the manufacturers have seen to it that they have created a unique identity of their own, in producing some sturdy grills that seek to surpass the customer’s expectations at any given period. Robustness and high efficiency is what sums up the grills. Though the market will always have some cheaper options for such grills, there are limited options if any, of those that can prove to last longer than Huntington gas grills. The wide array of the models to choose from gives you the perfect chance to select those that best suit your needs.

Huntington Grills on Originality

In choosing the best, always have some major things considered, to eliminate any chances of getting disappointed. First, always make sure that the dealer you buy the grill from is credible.  Our advertised buyers are all confirmed to be credible! With all the counterfeit products sneaking into the markets, do not take chances. A good dealer will give you only the real and genuine Huntington grills, and not the imitations of the same. Also, be sure to list down your specifications, and have a budget for the grills. Go for one that matches your budget by making time to shop around. Some of the major drawbacks off the Huntington grills that various customers have pointed out in the customer reviews, available on the World Wide Web. First the grills are said to have a lightweight cooking grate, not to mention the under-powered burner. As compared to the counterparts, their prices tend to be relatively high. At a closer look, the advantages of the grill are far much more than the cons, it is therefore with no doubt that, they are still the best, that anyone looking for grills can get.

With all these facts, its time you pulled a trigger on the grills from this famous brand, and get hold of one of these breathtaking grills that gives an added value for your home, at any given period. For anyone looking for quality workmanship and amazing durability, be sure to check various Huntington grills, and have a long lasting, pleasurable grilling experience.

Huntington Gas Grills are not always the best choice

I’ve found that some of the smaller components are lacking in quality.  For example, the plate the keeps ashes from falling on the ground can rust away easily if the grill is left uncovered.  The Rebel has been under scrutiny.  You can buy them at Cabelas and a few other big box stores.  It’s largely a simple grill, but the American made factor hits home for lots of us.  I do believe in busing American made products. However, that usually means its American assembled.  Huntington gas grills are American made, however I have no info on where the components are manufactured.  It is a globalized society and we cannot ignore the bottom line.  The four burners plus the adjacent burner on the side is standard, really.  The price of about $320 is a bit steep, however it has been discontinued and you can find them on the sale rack or refurbished.  I do like Onward Manufacturing.  They make solid products and seem to be an ethical company.  A lot of folks go for the Broil-King.  It has a series of products that do not go unnoticed in the grilling world.  Bang for the buck? Yeah, I’d say go for it.  But I’d go for the King series over the Rebel, unless I found one on super sale.

A few Pros and Cons of the ol’ Rebel:


  • Under 400 bucks
  • The burners heat evenly, so you don’t have to worry about unpredictable results


  • The adjacent burner is a bit week. However it’s for beans and side dishes

The other grills do alright. I think the Patriot 658184 outranks a lot of its competition.  It has a nice even temperature at high and low outputs.  It can host a family reunion or a big work party.  Indirect heat is fine as well. Normally we keep the burners at different temperatures so as to keep the meat moving or warm.  Maybe you want a hot back end to crisp the meat, and a medium front to do the overall cooking.  I hate how I can’t write this without thinking of BBQ ribs…I miss BB’s lawnside BBQ. Their stuff is the best.  Of course they have a 60 year old or so brick smokehouse.  That’s always an option, build your own permanent smokehouse.